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Press Brakes vs Folding Machines – Which Is Right For You?

Press Brake vs Folding Machine – Which Is Right For You?

There is a lot happening on the fabrication floor. Often times conflicts arise as to which machine to use for certain jobs, and this can lead to confusion.

While at first glance it may seem like press brakes and folding machines are the same tool made to tackle the same jobs, the truth is that they both have their niche and should have a place in your factory.

Let’s take a look at the two fabrication tools and see just how alike and different they really are:

Press Brakes

The first thing that sets a press brake apart from a folding machine is the most obvious: force. The punch of a press brake uses a lot of force, which means it is geared for heavier and thicker sheets of metal. It still offers precision and accuracy, but it just does so with much more substantial sheets of metal.

This means that press brakes will produce stronger pieces meant for support. Also, press brakes should probably be used for applications that only require one tooling setup.

Folding Machines

While folding machines also bend metal, the difference between it and a press brake is how that bend is achieved. Folding machines use much less force, leading it to be used for much thinner sheets.

Where the force of a press brake could potentially scratch and damage a very thin sheet, a folding machine is much more delicate and produce items where look and style are paramount.

Folding machines will be much better and quicker with panel work of all sizes. They are also better for jobs require multiple tooling changes.

Can They Coexist?

Absolutely. It can be very beneficial to have both on your fabrication floor in more ways than one. While a press brake can handle panel work, it is going to require more time to tackle a project that a folding could knock out more accurately and with fewer operators.

Folding machines can free up your press brake by taking on smaller, more delicate tasks and allow it to be more productive – think of it as a companion instead of a replacement.

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