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Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

A fiber laser cutter is a strong, fast, accurate, and efficient type of automatic CNC laser metal cutting system. It can be used for all kinds of metal fabrication and is also a great tool for metalworkers. For cutting metal tubes and sheets, it has lasers with powers ranging from 1000W to 20000W. Fiber laser cutting machines can cut through aluminum, zinc plates, aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, brass, copper, iron, and other metals of different thicknesses. They can also work on different types of steel, like mild, stainless, electrical, carbon, tool, and galvanized.

High Performance Fiber Laser Cutter from Fab-line Machinery

The “BLE” Series laser cutter implements a new generation high performance linear system. It comes with a gear head, a high performance rack, and a high performance class pinion. With the use of fiber laser technology, there is no need to move the laser source or plate. This allows high speed and high accuracy cutting. When coupled with dual full size pallets, this also allows for maximum production throughput. The BLE-PRO fiber laser cutting system is available in power supplies ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 watts. It offers the best and most economical solution to the user for cutting quality, precision, high speeds, low cost, and a small footprint. The BLE-PRO makes it possible to cut big or special size plates. It offers competitive performances against similar fiber laser cutting machines in the industry.

  • Fast: 200% – 300% Faster than CO2 Lasers, Featuring 2 kw, 4 kw, 6 kw and even up to 15 kw nLIGHT
  • Serviceability: Bumper to Bumper Service on Entire System
  • Elimination of 100% Laser Back Reflection – Patented Filtration
  • Superior Beam Quality: Brightness and Power Controllability of Laser
  • On-site: Installation, Training, Service and Preventative Maintenance

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How do Fiber Laser Cutting Machines Improve Manufacturing Efficiency?

A fiber laser metal cutting machine is better for manufacturing than other cutting tools. That’s because it cuts more precisely, faster, and needs less upkeep. That means you will be able to increase your production capacity soon. It saves you money as a business owner to have this kind of tool. 

A fiber laser is a high-energy beam produced by a fiber amplifier. The amplifier uses glass fiber doped with rare earth ions as the gain medium. The pump light illuminates the rare-earth-doped glass fiber pump source. This makes the rare-earth ions absorb photons, and the excited radiation has a similar frequency as the photons that hit it. 

When pump light hits a fiber, it is easy for a high power density to form. This causes the population of the laser working substance to flip over. When a resonant cavity and a positive feedback loop are added correctly, the laser oscillation output can be made. 

There are several modes of pump light that enter a fiber. Each mode changes the signal modes in a unique way. Because of this, it is hard to analyze laser generators and amplifiers. The fiber’s doping profile significantly influences the laser. Doping fibers with working ions or impurities makes gain possible. These ions are evenly spread, unlike the uneven distribution of pump light. Matching the ion and pump energy distribution closely is important for better pumping efficiency. 

Fiber laser cutters can be used for many things. This includes cutting materials, medical and beauty treatments, scientific research, military equipment, and sensors. They have been used to cut, engrave, etch, mark, weld, clean, label, clad, and do other things.


Lasers are flexible and can cut through many things, like metals, fabrics, leather, foam, plastics, glass, and paper. Fiber lasers are great for cutting sheet metal, while CO2 lasers are best for engraving and cutting non-metals. However, laser cutting should not be done on some materials, like vinyl and ABS. In manufacturing, ultrafast lasers cut metals and polymers with clean edges. They don’t leave heat-affected areas.

Laser cutting has a few benefits over other cutting methods:

  • With laser cutting, you do not have to switch out the tools for each cut. 
  • It is accurate to within 0.1 mm, so most of the time, no additional treatment is needed.
  • Laser cutting makes sure that the parts are very similar to each other.
  • Cutting with a laser is faster than cutting with a knife or other machine.
  • Modern laser cutting machines are very automated, so the job does not require many people to do it.
  • Laser cutters only leave a small burr that you do not have to always clean up.
  • Tools do not get worn down by mechanical friction because only the beam touches the material.
  • Using a laser, you can cut complicated shapes with great accuracy.
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