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APHS Hydraulic Press Brake

All your press brake needs in one machine.

APHS 31120

APHS Hydraulic Press Brake

The APHS Hydraulic Press Brake, the top of the line model of the servo hydraulic press brakes, is a multiple axis press brake providing a 2-D touchscreen graphical control.

APHS Hydraulic Press Brake

The APHS Hydraulic Press Brake is a servo hydraulic machine, offering up to a 6 axis back gauge, 2D or 3D touchscreen graphical control, CNC crowning, sheet followers, automation, safety, and more. Although the standard machine range is 44 tons to 660, and bed lengths of 4’ to 20’, Baykal and Fab Line don’t shy away from special applications that might require extra open height, longer stroke, deeper throat, tandem, triplet or even a quad arrangement. Special designs are also available with capacity up to 6600 tons and bending lengths up to 60 feet. Bring us your standard or custom need, and allow Fab Line to offer the best solution.

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APHS 31120


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When looking for a multiple axis press brake, graphical control, extra open height, longer stroke and the ultimate in flexibility, contact Fab-Line Machinery to assist with selecting the best press brake for your bending application.


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