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Electric Press Brake

All your press brake needs in one machine.

Electric Press Brake

The Baykal APES SERVO Electric Press Brakes run with 100% electric power opposed to conventional hydraulic and hybrid style press brakes. That means there is no use of hydraulic oil, opening and closing valves and dwell point. This design offers ease of maintenance and more than 30% increased productivity.

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The APES SERVO is powered with a servo electric drive system incorporating a belt and pulley drive system. The belt and pulley drive system works with two synchronized servo motors which transfer the force to the upper beam from belt and pulley movements. During the movement of the upper beam, servo motors coil the belt to the main pulley and apply the bending force with even distribution of tonnage across the entire bed length, which almost eliminates any need for bed crowning. The return stroke is accomplished using springs located on both sides of the machine provides up to 50% of energy savings.




APHS Hydraulic Press Brake


APHS-C Hydraulic Press Brake