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BAYKAL BPL-H Plasma Cutting Systems

Cut your workload in half with this top-of-the-line machine.

BAYKAL BPL-H Plasma Cutting Systems

The BAYKAL BPL-H Plasma Cutting Systems has been designed after years of market research and with input from leading design and supplier companies to be the class leader in precision plasma cutting. With our high rigidity machine, heavy duty drives and smart height-sensing systems we can offer the fastest cutting cycles in the market.

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With our high rigidity machine, heavy duty drives and smart height-sensing systems, we can offer the fastest cutting cycles in the market.

Strength and stability

The BPL-H has been designed to capitalize on Baykal’s skill in fabrication and machining to be the strongest and stiffest machine in its class. This structure guarantees long term accuracy and minimum vibration for the whole of the machine’s life. Combined with the precision drive components this means that the machine can give higher quality and accuracy or shorter cycle times for a given quality level.

Small details like bearing placement have been considered. Many machines have the bearing surfaces on the front of the beam and others on the top. The top mounting system minimizes damage from dross and the front mounted system keeps the bearing close to the plate for apparent stability. The Baykal system ensures the widest possible bearing base to minimize the effects of bearing clearance or machining tolerances, while limiting damage from cutting dust and dross.

The structure is all steel to ensure that there are no accuracy variations caused by thermal variances between, for example, an Aluminum gantry and a steel base. The gantry is fabricated from folded sections, designed to give the maximum stiffness to weight ratio. It is not just the nearest size rolled hollow section which are designed for heavier loads and do not achieve the same dynamic qualities of a purpose designed fabrication.

Built for long life and high reliability

At Baykal, we believe in building long life machines with quality components from such companies as Hypertherm for the plasma, Yaskawa for the motors, Gudel for rack and pinions, our aim is to ensure maximum service life and minimum downtime, but most of all, maximum lifetime return on your investment.

The mid height rails and concealed longitudinal cable chain minimize the chance of running surfaces and supply cables and hoses being damaged during loading and unloading. The BPL-H plasma’s unequaled construction ensures long-term stability even in rough fabrication shop environments. Unlike many high rail machines, the rails are isolated from the cutting table, which preserves them from shock during loading and unloading and thermal stress while cutting.

High Precision Drive System

The double side drives are fitted with AC servos and very high precision (3 arc minute) planetary gearboxes. This ensures that the drive system is equal to or better than the highest precision systems available in the market. The unique floating drive arrangement allows constant pinion/rack mesh without the excessive wear or compliance associated with spring or pneumatically loaded backlash compensation systems. Particular attention has been given to minimizing run out, backlash and compliance in the drive train, which means that we can run with higher gains and higher acceleration without overshoot or vibration. While many drive systems are selected for torque capacity, the Baykal system is designed to minimize total lost motion by having high precision components, very high resolution (better than 1 micron) and highly stiff mechanical components.

Standard features

Nesting Software – Hypertherm / MTC ProNest

ProNest is the industry’s most advanced nesting software solution and delivers best-in-class performance and reliability. With ProNest you will experience flexible integration with your 2D and 3D CAD systems, material cost savings from efficient and powerful nesting, and repeatable results from machine-specific setups that deliver optimized cut quality, productivity, and operating costs. ProNest is also easy to learn and use, incorporating the power to manage the most demanding programming applications for plasma, laser, oxyfuel, and water jet. ProNest is Power Made Simple!

Rapid Part Technology

A considerable percentage of the total cycle time is noncutting time (time spent moving from one cut to the next cut – also known as cut-to-cut cycle time). Hypertherm has responded to industry demand for continuous process improvement with Rapid Part technology; a productivity system that delivers up to a 100% increase in productivity through cut-to-cut cycle time reductions achieved without operator intervention. Rapid Part technology means less cut-to-cut cycle time, maximizing the time the torch is cutting metal and minimizing operating cost.
A suite of Hypertherm products contribute to the delivery of Rapid Part technology, each of these products are included as standard features on this system.

True Hole Technology

Hypertherm’s patent-pending True Hole cutting technology for mild steel produces significantly better hole quality than what has been previously possible using plasma. This is delivered automatically without operator intervention. True Hole technology is a specific combination of the following parameters that is linked to a given amperage, material type, material thickness and hole size:

Zoned Down Draft Table With CNC Operated Pneumatic Cover Doors

The Baykal plasma utilizes a zoned down draft table. Table is sectionalized and each section, has two doors for suction. Section/zones quality changes according to the capacity of the machine. For example, in BPL-H 2004, there are 3 sections. These specific sections are separated by a wall. During cutting, only the two doors of one section are opened where the cutting is performed and the doors in all other sections are closed for better suction (This is done by the pneumatic pistons and electronically controlled according to the position of the cutter). Therefore, the suction is done where the cutting is performed. There is a grill, which prevents the cut parts to fall to the opening doors. Only very small particles can pass this grill but they go the bottom of the section passing the opening doors. So they cannot reach to the opening doors.


Marking with the cutting torch is included on select power supplies.


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